How to Keep a Toyota Prius Going Strong After 435,000 Miles

In 2004, Bob Old was looking for a good, reliable car for long-distance driving. He chose a Toyota Prius, and he's been driving it ever since.

You would think in those 11 years, putting on an average of 40,000 miles every year, he would have experienced some breakdowns or major repairs.

Bob says no. He's had to replace parts here and there, but only relatively minor ones. The battery for instance, potentially the most expensive part to replace, has been doing its duty tirelessly this entire time.

So how can you have a car as lasting as…

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Autotrader Revels in 2015 Toyota Corolla

There's no use in sugarcoating it, so we at Bernardi Toyota won't even try. Pound for pound, the 2015 Toyota Corolla is one of the very finest compact sedans on the road today.

And lest you think that sentiment is rooted in personal bias, we invite you to check out the clip below. You'll soon learn that we're far from the only ones who feel as we do:

There are four distinctive trims within the Corolla catalog. And while the base LE is no doubt well-appointed, the next step up -- the LE -- adds some truly tremendous…

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Adan Ortiz: Loyal Bernardi Toyota Employee for 24 Years

"I started working for Bernardi Toyota when we were located on Union Avenue in Framingham. Our dealership now was just dirt on the ground at that time."

Adan Ortiz is one of our technicians at Bernardi Toyota who is loyal, efficient, and genuinely enjoys his job. But what makes him stand out even more? Adan has been with Bernardi Toyota for 24 years. He started off working the lots, and then transitioned into becoming a technician.

"To be a tech, you need to like to fix cars. You need to be good with your hands. You need to be smart…
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Employee Spotlight: Joe Cappa

"There's a reason why I've been here for ten years. I'm treated well as an employee and it makes it easy to do my job the best that I can." Joe Cappa, one of our parts counterman, hasn't just been at Bernardi Toyota for ten years; he's been in this industry for 23 years. Starting at just 19 years old, Joe went from washing cars at night to taking a job opening for a parts position at a dealership, without even knowing a thing about parts at the time. After learning what it took to…
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Employee Spotlight: Vannak Chhay

"Helping people find the perfect car and making it a pleasant experience for them is the most rewarding part of this job."

Vannak Chhay is new to our sales team at Bernardi Toyota, and although his position is sales consultant, he's more than that. His passion, dedication, and overall ambition in the world of sales is what makes him unique. Vannak is not just a sales associate: he's your equal; he wants to…
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Brand New 2015 Sequoia & Highlander

Exclusive photos straight from our dealership of the Sequoia and Highlander Sequoia:  - 7 passanger seating - 5.7L V8 - This particular model has a heated steering wheel, airbag suspension, heated and cool seats, heated seats in the second row, parking assist, power folding mirrors, the rear windshield goes up and down - Fog lights - Bluetooth and navigation - Satellite radio - Entune App suite - 3 zone climate control  - Second and third rows  - Third row folds automatically  - 14 speakers
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Employee Spotlight: Aydin Kayabay

"If you smile a lot and stay positive, life is good."

Aydin Kayabay is not just a salesman here at Bernardi Toyota; he is your friend. His enthusiasm about our vehicles and the friendships he builds with our customers is what makes him and our dealership so unique. Clients don't just walk away with a new car; they walk away with a relationship built with Aydin and our team.

Aydin first made his appearance…

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Bernardi Adopts LED Lights

Bernardi Toyota has recently made the switch to outdoor LED lighting that surrounds the dealership. The main parking lot replaced 62 existing 875 watt metal halide pole lights, with brand new 315 watt Galleon LED pole lights with factory installed wireless controls; thus resulting in saving energy. 

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Employee Spotlight: Bayli Lane

"My ultimate goal here is to advance at this dealership, learn as much as I can, and be able to help wherever I'm needed." Bayli Lane is our new office assistant and receptionist. Having just moved to Massachusetts a month ago from Indiana, Bayli is not just settling in to this new job; she's settling in to a new lifestyle. "In Indiana, when we left our neighborhood, you were surrounded by corn fields and could take the motorcycle out on some back roads which had basically no traffic. Here, we
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Your Toyota Highlander is a Fun-Filled Ride

Being on the road should be more fun than just another chore. And with your new 2015 Toyota Highlander you'll be able to fit more passengers inside to enjoy the ride. Thanks to max seating arrangements to fit eight, the Highlander is big on space and big on fun, so come over to our Framingham, MA Toyota dealership today and see if it's the right fit for you.



All kinds of summer fun awaits you and your…

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