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Toyota Teams With German Rival in EV Battery Development

Toyota may be a Japanese automaker, and BMW a German one, but as Toyota Motor Europe President and CEO Didier Leroy puts it, "Fundamentally we are both engineering companies, so in many aspects we have found we speak the same language."1 Leroy made this discovery when the two automotive giants signed a memorandum of understanding in the development of a new car battery recently.

That's right, Toyota and Beamer are teaming up, and…

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Toyota and Top Rival Work Together to Achieve a Common Goal

Toyota has recently decided to team up with the American automaker Ford on a new joint venture.  We want to make it clear that this does not signify a merger or anything else of the kind.  However, realizing that they share a common goal it made perfect sense to team up together on this project.  What exactly are these two companies working on?  The goal is to develop a new hybrid rear-wheel drive powertrain for…

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