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How to Keep a Toyota Prius Going Strong After 435,000 Miles

In 2004, Bob Old was looking for a good, reliable car for long-distance driving. He chose a Toyota Prius, and he's been driving it ever since.

You would think in those 11 years, putting on an average of 40,000 miles every year, he would have experienced some breakdowns or major repairs.

Bob says no. He's had to replace parts here and there, but only relatively minor ones. The battery for instance, potentially the most expensive part to replace, has been doing its duty tirelessly this entire time.

So how can you have a car as lasting as…

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Toyota Prius Spends 14 Years in American Families' Driveways

The Toyota Prius is celebrating its fourteenth year with many American families. See how one family chose to commemorate the occasion and relive the day they brought their first Toyota Prius home.

The Toyota Prius continues to join families and people across the U.S., captivating driver's hearts with its unrivaled fuel efficiency and versatility. It's a love story of sorts.

The Toyota Prius is known for its fuel economy, rated at 51…

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21 New Hybrid Cars in the Next 3 Years for Toyota

While gas prices continue to rise, Toyota continues to innovate and introduce more fuel-efficient options in order to continue to serve its customers' needs.  You don't have to spend too much time searching at your local Toyota car dealership in Framingham, MA, Bernardi Toyota, to see that Toyota offers a variety of fuel-efficient vehicles to meet customer's changing needs.

As part of an effort to meet the demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles, Toyota…

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Toyota Prius c Launches 'Game of Life' Campaign

Much like the "Game of Life" the classic board game, the process of buying a car is actually a big and important real-life decision. This is why Toyota, the Japanese automaker has produced a nostalgic 'Game of Life' based commercial for the new Toyota Prius C.

"The Prius c campaign acknowledges the fact that buying a car is a big decision, as well as a new experience for many in this demographic," said Bill Fay…

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Toyota Yaris Set to Impress in 2012

With fuel prices soaring, more drivers ever day are turning to hybrid vehicles for their commuting needs. Of course, it's worth noting that not everyone can afford the advanved technology that's under the hood of a model like the mid-size Toyota Prius. That's where the subcompact segment comes into play. These vehicles are often smaller in size, with an efficient, pure-gasoline engine that allows for hybrid-like fuel economy without the hybrid price…

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Toyota Teams With German Rival in EV Battery Development

Toyota may be a Japanese automaker, and BMW a German one, but as Toyota Motor Europe President and CEO Didier Leroy puts it, "Fundamentally we are both engineering companies, so in many aspects we have found we speak the same language."1 Leroy made this discovery when the two automotive giants signed a memorandum of understanding in the development of a new car battery recently.

That's right, Toyota and Beamer are teaming up, and…

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Toyota Prius Lineup Named 2012 Best Green Car to Buy

Everyone at Bernardi Toyota already knows how eco-friendly the Toyota Prius is. But what people likely aren't aware of is the fact that the Prius is quickly growing from a single vehicle to a lineup of efficient models, and the people at GreenCarReports are looking to make sure everyone knows it.

How are the planning to do this? Well, they technically already have. More specifically, they recently named the Prius lineup as the "2012…

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Toyota's Pris 'Plugs-In' Next Month

This month, at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid was introduced. At the show, Toyota boasted its new plug-in feature for the Hybrid offering about 11.2 miles more in range compared to the conventional Prius.

Many EV brands can take close to 20 hours to charge, depending on the outlet/charging unit used however, the 2012 Prius Plug-in requires only two-and-a-half to three hours to charge when using a…

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