2015 Toyota Camry SE Brings in Happy Customers

We had the pleasure of speaking with customer Benjamin Houle after he purchased his 2015 Toyota Camry SE. After having unpleasant experiences at past dealerships, Ben came to us in hopes of having a fast and satisfying service. We are proud to say that, according to Ben, we delivered.

"You guys were always working on something while I was there. Your dealership is more efficient than others," said Ben. "I worked with Mike McDonald; he knew everything about the cars. He was knowledgeable, laid back, and wasn't pushing me to do anything."

When asked what his favorite feature was of his new Camry SE, Ben mentioned he loved the touch screen audio system as well as the moon roof, which is a special edition. "The car is ten times more comfortable than others," he said.

"I like to go back and forth with pricing," said Ben. "But the sales manager was a nice guy and knew where I was coming from. We ended up compromising, but I was okay with it because of the great service that I had."

Thank you, Ben, for your business and time with us at Bernardi Toyota.

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