Toyota Holds Weather People Accountable in Video

This winter we sure had our share of crazy weather. Could you imagine if the weather people didn't think we'd get as much snow as we did? We wouldn't be happy, and we'd want some revenge (in a nice way, of course), and Toyota set out to provide us with that, and some laughs.

In Europe, they gave three weather people a new Toyota Aygo, which is similar to the Yaris, only it has a canvas retractable top. The car was set that for every sunny day that was predicted, the roof would open. For rainy days, it would stay closed. The goal was to get as many right as possible, and if they got it wrong, pay the price.

Well they got some of them wrong and we got the laughs. Check it out above.

Here at Bernardi Toyota, no matter what the weather is, your new Toyota will keep you confident here in Framingham, MA and beyond. To learn more, stop in and see us and we'd be happy to answer any questions and arrange test drives.

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