Toyota Keeps Pushing Cleaner Energy for its Cars

Ever since the Toyota Prius was release several years ago, our Framingham, MA dealership's favorite brand has been at the forefront of innovating the way we get around. And while hybrid cars like the Prius are great for reducing emissions and keeping your gas costs low, Toyota is going even further. Press play to see what Toyota is up to next, then come over and find out even more.

With the recent announcement of its first fuel-cell vehicle, Toyota harnesses the power of hydrogen - a clean and plentiful resource - to power its new Mirai, coming soon to dealerships like ours. By turning away from ecologically damaging fossil fuels, Toyota is proving that it's possible to get around by harnessing the power of these newly discovered power sources, like hydrogen fuel cells.

Find out more by heading on over to Bernardi Toyota today.

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