Manager Spotlight: Bernie Geddry

"In the 1970s, my dad drove a Toyota, and since then, we never looked back."

Bernie is not just our parts manager at Bernardi Toyota; Bernie has been a loyal owner of Toyota vehicles. "I couldn't even think about driving anything else," he said.

Being in the Toyota business for 32 years, and at Bernardi Toyota for 22 years, Bernie is your parts and Toyota expert.

"I love the challenges and working with people. Everyone has a ton of experience here," he said. "Our assistant parts manager has been in this business for over 30 years."

Bernie has a parts team that will go to Mansfield every day to pick up more parts for our dealership. Working with a dedicated and diverse team, Bernie compared his department to a softball team.

"It's like having a softball team. You can't have 12 shortstops. You need to mesh different people with different skills together to make a team."

Why should you come to Bernardi Toyota for parts? According to Bernie, the answer comes down to experience and passion.

"We are all committed and we all care. We bring it every day. We have a large, tremendous inventory: The biggest in New England."

Being the parts manager is not the only accomplishment Bernie Geddry should be proud of. Ever since he played the drums for the first time in the sixth grade, Bernie has been a drummer for 40 years.

You can check out Bernie and his band, Alter Ego, during their performance on the Fourth of July, in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and at Paradise Café in Dedham, Massachusetts on July 11th.

Alter Ego doesn't just play for venues; they play for charities, too. Using music to bring people together and raise awareness, Alter Ego shines light on different charities with their support and talent.

Just like with a band, our parts department thrives due to their teamwork, friendship, and diverse skill sets.

"I am able to succeed due to my team," said Bernie. "The most rewarding part is the camaraderie."


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