Employee Spotlight: Nicole Gordon

"Bernardi Toyota is a family; I feel like I'm working with family."

Nicole Gordon is a receptionist and has been with us for three months. Within those few months, Nicole has found comfort and companionship with the Bernardi Toyota team. Having had four years of experience at past Kia dealerships, Nicole explained that Bernardi Toyota is just different.

"My co-workers are so friendly. The best part about our dealership is that our sales managers are honest and they do everything they can to have the customers get the cars that they want. Our dealership is a beautiful place," she explained.

As Nicole was being interviewed for this spotlight post, her phone was constantly ringing, yet she made sure she still answered each one with a smile on her face. She never leaves a client waiting, and does everything she can to connect them to the right department or manager.

"Being a receptionist is such an important role because taking people's calls and connecting them to the right people will decide whether or not they will come back. The first impression is important and I treat people the way I want to be treated," Nicole explained. She truly is the glue that holds the dealership together and makes sure we are always in contact with our clients when they need us.

Although Nicole's phone is always ringing, some of the calls are not meant for us...

"One time a guy called and said he wanted to get something for his son's graduation. Thinking he meant a vehicle, I started telling him about deals. Then he stopped me and said, 'I'm not calling for a vehicle, I'm calling to order a food platter!'" Nicole then broke the news to him that we are, indeed, a car dealership, and not a supermarket.

When Nicole isn't working, she spends her time with her two sons who are 16 and 18. She is family-oriented and is proud to share the fact that her oldest son will be off to college soon. "I prep my older son for the real world."

When you come to Bernardi Toyota, you cannot miss Nicole. Her sparkly high heels will grab your attention as well as her smile and charisma. Nicole understands the importance of customer service and satisfaction, and you will always find her working hard to connect our clients with our Bernardi team.


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