Employee Spotlight: Aydin Kayabay

"If you smile a lot and stay positive, life is good."

Aydin Kayabay is not just a salesman here at Bernardi Toyota; he is your friend. His enthusiasm about our vehicles and the friendships he builds with our customers is what makes him and our dealership so unique. Clients don't just walk away with a new car; they walk away with a relationship built with Aydin and our team.

Aydin first made his appearance at Bernardi Toyota in 2012 as a customer when he was shopping for a new car. Although he had a job and worked for the mobile phone industry for ten years, Aydin's bold personality stood out so much, that we offered him a job shortly after meeting him. After training for a month, Aydin started his career in being a car salesman, and has been known for his charisma and friendliness these past three years.

"I love to sell and I love people," said Aydin. "This job is great because you can meet someone new every day; there's always a new face."

The relationships that Aydin builds with his clients are so strong, that a good handful of them have been over his apartment to have dinner with him and his wife. When you work with Aydin and our sales team, you don't just get the car and leave. With Aydin, you may get a nice home-cooked meal with Turkish food and good company.

"Every single customer I sell a car to, I either give them a gift of some sort or invite them over my home, or invite them to a picnic. It's not just about a sale; it's about friendship. I've traveled to New Hampshire to hang out with one of my clients," said Aydin.

When asked how he creates such meaningful bonds with clients, Aydin's answer was simple. "I'm just myself. I love to know what people do for work and for fun. I like to have conversations. I'm polite and people like that. I'm not pushy; I'm just being real with them," explained Aydin.

When Aydin isn't at the dealership, you can find him at Starbucks in Boston with his wife listening to live music and relaxing. He enjoys traveling to Maine and New Hampshire to visit friends.

When you do business with us and with Aydin, you walk away with satisfaction not just with your vehicle, but with the relationships you build with us. Customers come in all the time just to say hello to Aydin; their new friend and their salesman. And nothing makes us, or Aydin, happier than the connections that we make with you.


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