Employee Spotlight: Vannak Chhay

"Helping people find the perfect car and making it a pleasant experience for them is the most rewarding part of this job."

Vannak Chhay is new to our sales team at Bernardi Toyota, and although his position is sales consultant, he's more than that. His passion, dedication, and overall ambition in the world of sales is what makes him unique. Vannak is not just a sales associate: he's your equal; he wants to work with you.

"I started out in actuarial mathematics, but when I was going for my bachelor's degree I realized I liked business more," explained Vannak. "After that I ended up doing marketing and then managed sales people. I helped them out every day and that was when I realized I wanted to be in sales."

After being told numerous times that Vannak had a skill for working with people, he decided to jump into the world of sales. "I thought the best place to start was a car dealership," he said. "It's good to overcome the fear of talking to strangers, and I love helping people out."

The most rewarding part for Vannak is making the sales experience as great as possible. The challenges? "You have to learn a lot in sales; it takes a lot of knowledge to be a successful salesperson," he said.

When you ask our employees what the best part about our dealership is, for them, majority say it's the people. The same goes for Vannak. Having only been here for a short amount of time, Vannak has quickly adapted to not just our dealership environment, but also the environment of new people, opportunities, and relationships.

"It's the people. It doesn't matter how big or small a place is; the people define who the company is," explained Vannak. "It doesn't matter who you are, you can always learn something from someone. This is a good place for growth."

Vannak is the owner of a 2010 Toyota Prius, which has brought him to places such as Canada and Florida for Disney World, to name a few. The Prius is great on gas and is completely reliable for someone who drives a lot, such as Vannak.

When he isn't working at the dealership, Vannak does SAT tutoring and teaching for students and young adults. He is currently working with 15 students, and has chosen to work with some just solely based on his passion for helping and educating. "I try to give back as much as I can. As long as they have the drive to succeed, I want to help them," he said.

A fun fact: Vannak took up chess in high school and has won major tournaments, arriving at first place. He is also a great poker player.

Whether it's helping a student study for the SATs or helping a customer pick that perfect car for them, Vannak has a passion for assisting and producing results for the people he helps. He looks forward to getting to know our Bernardi clients and making connections with those he crosses paths with.

"Whether you're doing business with me or not, I would love to say hi either way!"

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