Employee Spotlight: Bayli Lane

"My ultimate goal here is to advance at this dealership, learn as much as I can, and be able to help wherever I'm needed."

Bayli Lane is our new office assistant and receptionist. Having just moved to Massachusetts a month ago from Indiana, Bayli is not just settling in to this new job; she's settling in to a new lifestyle.

"In Indiana, when we left our neighborhood, you were surrounded by corn fields and could take the motorcycle out on some back roads which had basically no traffic. Here, we have yet to find some back country roads," explained Bayli. "Basically, the traffic is the biggest difference. Seems like it doesn't matter what time of day you're driving; there's always some sort of back up," she laughed.

Bayli and her husband have made it their mission and goal to try something new every weekend -- an adventurous promise to one another that will surely make for good stories about their adjustment to Massachusetts.

Bayli is not just our new office assistant and manager; she is an author, and quite a good one. Having two published books already and working on the third and fourth book, Bayli works with a team of editors who help build her pathway to success. One of her novels has been in a few anthologies where all proceeds go towards wounded warriors.

"I come up with book ideas pretty regularly. I have a binder full of ideas. When I get one, I write it down and then start typing to see how much of it comes to me right away," Bayli explained. "If a book really starts flowing, that's the one I run with."

Bayli writes contemporary romance novels and has stated that 99% of readers are women. But, don't let that stop your curiosity. You can find Bayli's books on Amazon, and she also has a profile on Goodreads.  

When you come to Bernardi Toyota, you can't miss Bayli. Her positive energy welcomes you and she is here to assist you when she is at our front reception desk.

"I've been looking at the RAV4," said Bayli. "My next vehicle needs to be about that size for my big dog to fit in."

Even our employees have an eye for the vehicles on our showroom floor. Perhaps a Toyota can make an appearance in Bayli's next book.

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