In 2004, Bob Old was looking for a good, reliable car for long-distance driving. He chose a Toyota Prius, and he's been driving it ever since.

You would think in those 11 years, putting on an average of 40,000 miles every year, he would have experienced some breakdowns or major repairs.

Bob says no. He's had to replace parts here and there, but only relatively minor ones. The battery for instance, potentially the most expensive part to replace, has been doing its duty tirelessly this entire time.

So how can you have a car as lasting as Bob's?

Well, obviously the first step is buy a Toyota. That is what we're here to sell. We can, however, say with objective confidence that Toyota vehicles consistently rank among the most reliable into high mileage.

Secondly, keep up to date with your maintenance. Routine maintenance from a Toyota service center is all Bob has done to keep his Prius in tip-top shape throughout the long miles. He proudly displays his filled books of service records.

So, visit Bernardi Toyota to schedule a test drive for a new vehicle, or service for your current one.

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