Adan Ortiz: Loyal Bernardi Toyota Employee for 24 Years

"I started working for Bernardi Toyota when we were located on Union Avenue in Framingham. Our dealership now was just dirt on the ground at that time."

Adan Ortiz is one of our technicians at Bernardi Toyota who is loyal, efficient, and genuinely enjoys his job. But what makes him stand out even more? Adan has been with Bernardi Toyota for 24 years. He started off working the lots, and then transitioned into becoming a technician.

"To be a tech, you need to like to fix cars. You need to be good with your hands. You need to be smart. You never know what kind of car you're going to get," said Adan.

When Adan began working for our dealership, we were located in a different part of Framingham. He has watched our dealership relocate and become what it is today, from the ground up. He has witnessed all of our changes and renovations. As times have changed and our cars have advanced, Adan's loyalty to Bernardi Toyota hasn't changed at all.

"The best part of this job is that you don't do the same thing over and over each day," said Adan. "There are different cars each day and they are in for service for different things. I'm not always at the same place doing the same thing."

The service department is a busy place -- we service nearly 150 cars per day. For Adan, even after 24 years, there's always something new to work on.

"Whether it's a problem with a light or an engine repair, you need to know everything about the cars and you need to have a good memory," explained Adan.

When Adan isn't busy working on the cars, he'll be on the computer typing up what has been done to each vehicle so that our service advisors can communicate that to our customers. Although Adan and our technicians are not communicating with our customers themselves, they still put 100% into the work that they do, and pass that along to our advisors so we can always keep our clients up-to-date with the progress being made.

A lot of changes have been made to our dealership over the course of 24 years. To Adan, our loyalty to clients and our customer service has stayed consistent. "We always want to help people and help them understand," said Adan. "We try to get down to the problem as best as possible. We work with them and we always want people to come back."

When Adan isn't at the dealership, he's working at a local church in Framingham. He's been a pastor for nine years. "I like to preach and teach the bible," he said. Helping and teaching is part of who Adan is -- using his skills to give back.

When you bring your car in for service, you're always going to be in good hands. Whether it's Adan working on your car or a new service tech he helped train, we are always striving to get you in and out in a safe vehicle. It is employees such as Adan that make our slogan "Bernardi for Now... Bernardi for Life" hold true.

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